Sunstar Realty is a full service company that provides assistance in all areas of the real estate market. Property Management is one of those exceptional services to our homeowners who are looking to enjoy their time with other important issues and allow us to run their investments. Our services do allow tenants / renters to deal directly with our company and not with the owners. We arrange from start to finish the entire rental process with the tenants so the owners do not get involved.


All applicants are fully screened to expose any negative issues from past to present in all areas. Since our current economic issues have affected many, quality of all rental candidates will be determined accordingly. Our property owners will benefit from the convenience of having Sunstar Property Solutions look after their investment and keep it at their fullest acceptable appearance to new renters as time moves on. All service fees are more than reasonable and very competitive with our current market conditions. As with allof our rental properties, we will strive for service excellence and reasonable rates to keep our prospects in a positive state of mind during all rental periods. 

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